Trade Review: USD/CHF

As stated in my recommendation, I waited until 7:00 am EST before I tried to enter my orders. Unfortunately, I could not get my limit orders at the levels recommended, so I waited until after the report to enter the market. The report was release at 8:30 am EST. The employment reported an increase of 138,000 jobs in April, significantly below consensus. We saw the dollar sell off after the report, and it did reach our short entry level and then bounced back up. As recommended, I did not enter short because it was too soon after the report. Alas, we never saw the pair drop back down to our short entry level. For record keeping purposes I will record it as a loss of 20 pips per lot.

Lot 1: -20 pips

Lot 2: -20 pips

Total: -40 pips