Trade Review: USD/CHF

As stated, in my Pick yesterday, I placed my orders at 8:00 am EST. We did see movement after the Factory Orders report was released, but not enough to trigger the trade recommendations. Hopefully, everyone followed the Pick recommendation and waited until 8:00 am EST before entering orders, otherwise you would have been stopped out.

No trades entered.

Please remember to read the entire Pick of the Day, and not just the entry/exit levels. The foreign exchange market is an ever changing environment. If I see the need to make a change in the method, I will state so in the analysis. Also, all of my charts I use for analysis are one hour charts, unless stated otherwise in the analysis. You can also find the time frame in the actual charts I post. They are in the upper left hand corner. Just click on the charts and you can see them in more detail. I hope this helps. On to the next trade.