January 2017 Monthly Archive

Trade Watchlist: Uptrend Pullback in NZD/CHF

We’ve got a textbook trend going on in NZD/CHF, but I think the price isn’t quite right for an entry just yet. We’ve got a potentially big economic event coming up from New Zealand that just might get me there. Read more

Trade Watchlist: Consolidation Breakout on CHF/JPY?

CHF/JPY doesn’t usually make it to my watchlist, but after weeks handing around 114.00, it might be time to hop in on potential volatility coming up! Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/NZD Downtrend Bounce?

Big week ahead for GBP/NZD with potential catalysts for both Sterling and the Kiwi. Could it be enough to get me in a short positions at a better price? Read more

Trade Review: GBP/JPY Head & Shoulders Breakdown

After rolling my stop down to lock in some profits after Theresa May’s speech, Guppy jumped another leg higher to trigger my closing orders. Here’s a quick forex trade review! Read more

Trade Update: GBP/JPY Head & Shoulders Breakdown

Since hopping in short last week, Guppy made a big move lower to give me a profit, even after the broad Sterling rally after Theresa May’s speech today. So, what’s next? Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/JPY Head & Shoulders Breakdown?

The head and shoulders pattern I pointed out last week on GBP/JPY finally saw a down break, so it’s time to hop in and see where the market takes me! Read more

Forex Watchlist: GBP/JPY Reversal Formation

The tide seems to be turning against Guppy these days, as the pair broke below a short-term rising trend line and is forming a reversal chart pattern. Read more