November 2016 Monthly Archive

Profit Target Hit: Short-Term USD/JPY Uptrend

I was in and out of this USD/JPY trade real quick, and fortunately I was able to score pips! Here’s how my short-term position turned out. Read more

Trade Idea: Short-Term USD/JPY Uptrend

I’m seeing a pretty decent pullback on USD/JPY, and I think this is my chance to hop in the ongoing uptrend. Take a look at this setup! Read more

Forex Watchlist: USD/JPY Major Correction?

I’m a bit bummed out about closing my previous long USD/JPY position too early but I’m still hoping to catch this uptrend on a larger pullback. Here are the levels I’m watching. Read more

Locked in Profits: USD/JPY Long-Term Correction

USD/JPY has made quite the run this week so I think it’s time for me to book profits for now while staying on the lookout for a chance to buy again on dips. Read more

Trade Update: Long-Term USD/JPY Correction

Now that USD/JPY has covered quite a bit of ground, it’s time for me to make some risk adjustments to protect my profits. Here’s a quick update on my long position.

Read more

Trade Idea: Long-Term USD/JPY Correction

I’ve been patiently watching this USD/JPY long-term break-and-retest setup for quite some time, and I think I’m getting enough confirmation to take a long position. Read more

Trade Setup & Review: USD/JPY Range Support

Well, that was quick! I tried to scalp some pips off the U.S. election outcome but it turns out Trump’s win wasn’t exactly Doomsday for the dollar. Read more

Trade Update: GBP/CAD Correction Levels

Remember that GBP/CAD textbook correction setup I was watching a long while back? The area of interest is holding as resistance so far and I’m waiting for some bearish momentum before hopping in. Read more

Forex Watchlist: GBP/USD Correction Levels

I’m not planning on taking any USD trades ahead of the U.S. elections but I’m keeping close tabs on this textbook retracement setup on Cable. Read more