September 2016 Monthly Archive

Forex Watchlist: AUD/JPY Symmetrical Triangle

Yen pairs look ready to break out of their consolidation patterns these days, and I’m favoring this AUD/JPY setup in case an upside move happens. Read more

Trade Review: CAD/JPY Descending Triangle

Looks like I caught the wrong side on this one so I’ve cut my losses quickly with this CAD/JPY setup. Think I should hop in the opposite position? Read more

Trade Idea: CHF/JPY Long-Term Selloff

Yen bulls are still charging even after the BOJ announced some policy changes so I’m going with the flow on this CHF/JPY downtrend.

Read more

Trade Idea: CAD/JPY Descending Triangle

I’ve been looking for a potential yen play for the upcoming BOJ statement and I’m liking this one on CAD/JPY. Take a look! Read more

Trade Update: USD/CHF Bearish Momentum

Looks like USD/CHF is still stuck in consolidation since dollar traders are holding out for more clues on what the FOMC might do next. Here are some adjustments I’m making. Read more

Trade Closed: Catching Guppy’s Uptrend

Guppy already broke below that short-term rising trend line I was looking at so I think it’s time to close this trade for now then just consider reentering later on. Read more

Trade Idea: USD/CHF Bearish Momentum

Weak U.S. data this week continues to dampen Fed rate hike hopes so I’m gonna join the short USD bandwagon with this USD/CHF setup. Check it out! Read more

Trade Idea: Catching Guppy’s Uptrend

I’m seeing bullish signals for Guppy on both the short-term and long-term time frames so I’m hopping in to catch this ongoing uptrend. Here are my long entry levels. Read more

Forex Watchlist: USD/JPY Testing Area of Interest

It’s NFP Friday so I’ve got my eyes on USD/JPY again, waiting for a bounce or a break from this area of interest. Which way do you think will this pair go? Read more