August 2016 Monthly Archive

Orders Canceled: Quick Pullback on USD/JPY

Well that pullback was way quicker than I imagined! USD/JPY barely looked back before climbing higher, failing to reach my entry area around the Fibs. Read more

Trade Idea: Quick Pullback on USD/JPY

Diverging monetary policy biases from the Fed and the BOJ could be enough to keep USD/JPY on an uptrend so I’m waiting to hop in on a short-term correction. Read more

Trade Canceled: GBP/USD Pullback Play

I changed my mind about setting short orders on Cable since price blew past the Fibs and nearby resistance without even looking back. Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/USD Pullback Play

I may have left some pips on the table with my previous Cable short, but I’m convinced that the downtrend could resume at some point. Here’s the pullback play I’m looking at. Read more

Trade Review: GBP/USD Short-Term Retracement

I’ve decided to finally book profits on this short Cable position to avoid potential losses during the U.S. retail sales release. Here’s how it turned out. Read more

Trade Review: NZD/JPY Short-Term Downtrend

I probably should’ve been quicker about locking my gains on this one because price started climbing even before the RBNZ made its decision! Read more

Trade Idea: Short-Term NZD/JPY Downtrend

The RBNZ is widely expected to cut interest rates in their monetary policy statement this week so I’m gonna try to catch a short Kiwi trade. Here’s what I’m seeing on NZD/JPY.

Read more

Trade Updates: Short GBP/USD and Long USD/CAD

I’ve made a few adjustments in my open trades to account for additional volatility and upcoming catalysts. Here’s what I have on GBP/USD and USD/CAD. Read more

Trade Updates: Short GBP/USD and Long USD/CAD

So far so good on my USD/CAD trade, but my GBP/USD position is still going nowhere! Here’s how things are looking so far. Read more

Trade Update: USD/CAD Break and Retest

Weaker than expected U.S. GDP brought USD/CAD down to the 1.3000 area last Friday, causing my second position to get filled. Think I should hold or fold? Read more