May 2016 Monthly Archive

Trade Adjustment: EUR/NZD Short

Looks like sellers are back in control of EUR/NZD since testing a strong area of interest. After a nice drop in the forex pair and ahead of the ECB, I decided to lock in profits. Read more

Forex Review: CAD/JPY Short

With fresh market speculation, upcoming catalysts for the Japanese yen, & a changing price action picture, I decided to close down my CAD/JPY short manually to limit my max risk. Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/NZD Short

Recent price action suggests that sellers are back in control of what has been a rangebound market in EUR/NZD. Is a retest of the bottom of the range in the cards? Read more

Trade Adjustments: CAD/JPY & AUD/NZD Short Ideas

I’ve got orders open on AUD/NZD & CAD/JPY and with both making moves, it was time to make my own moves to hopefully catch a few of those pips. Read more

Trade Review: GBP/CAD Fib Short & USD/JPY Short

Closed out my GBP/CAD short position after fresh U.K. unemployment data and my USD/JPY short after recent hawkish Fed rhetoric on the rate hike outlook. Read more

Trade Idea: Short-term AUD/NZD Short

We’ve got an active calendar for both the Aussie & Kiwi in the week ahead, so I thought I’d play the recent downtrend in AUD/NZD if the price is right. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: GBP/CAD Fib Short

I’m going with a simple Fibonacci short play on GBP/CAD ahead of potential Sterling volatility and today’s positive oil data. Read more

Trade Adjustments: CAD/JPY & USD/JPY Shorts

With chatter of intervention from the BOJ, it was time to make adjustments to my latest forex trade ideas on CAD/JPY & USD/JPY. Read more

News Trade Idea: USD/JPY Fibs Ahead of NFP

Haven’t seen many great swing opportunities lately, but this setup on USD/JPY just might do with potential volatility coming from NFP right around the corner. Read more

Trade Updates: GBP/USD Range & GBP/AUD Long

Both my GBP/USD & GBP/AUD ideas didn’t work out as I hoped, so it’s time to see what kind of lessons I can learn (or re-learn) from these forex trades. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: CAD/JPY Rising Wedge

For this week, I’m going with another simple downtrend-pullback setup, with a little backup from the rising wedge pattern on CAD/JPY. Are there still sellers lurking around? Read more