April 2016 Monthly Archive

Trade Idea: GBP/AUD Countertrend Long

GBP/AUD has been in a strong downtrend, but I think the conditions may be right for a short swing higher on recent strength. Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/USD Range Play

We’ve got some action potentially coming, making this simple range setup an attractive short-term forex trade. Read more

Trade Review: NZD/USD Grind Higher

With the weekend and OPEC meeting quickly approaching , I decided to close down my NZD/USD long position to take profit and avoid event risk. Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/CHF Long

Decided to close my USD/CHF long position because of recent USD bearishness, but managed to do so with a small profit with this week’s bounce higher. Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/AUD Pullback Short

Decided to lock in forex profits on my EUR/AUD short ahead of potential volatility coming from Australian jobs data. Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/AUD Downtrend Pullback

Today, I’m scoping out a simple downtrend on GBP/AUD, which should have volatility coming thanks to major events ahead. Check it! Read more

Currency Trade Review: GBP/CAD Support Break?

The support area finally broke on GBP/CAD, bringing another swift move lower. Profit came quickly so I decided to close and take it to the bank. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: GBP/CAD Support Break?

For today’s pick, I decided to go with a potential support break forex setup on GBP/CAD, which is already in a strong downtrend. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: NZD/USD Grind Higher

With not a lot of major events ahead, I’m going with a technical forex setup on NZDUSD. Will the trend higher continue after this pullback? Read more

Forex: Reflecting on My Q1 2016 Performance

Q1 is done so it’s time to do a review & reflection of my first quarter 2016 forex blog performance to see what I can improve on. Read more

Forex Review: Short EUR/NZD & USD/JPY Trades

Before I head off into the weekend, gotta do a quick forex review on a couple of ideas that just closed today: EUR/NZD and USD/JPY short plays. Read more