February 2016 Monthly Archive

Forex Trade Idea: AUD/JPY Short

To celebrate Leap Day, I’m going with my usual trend retracement setup that I see happening on AUD/JPY. Will strong resistance continue to hold? Read more

Forex Trade Idea: EUR/CAD Double Top

Getting back on the horse today with a simple forex setup: the double top. Are traders ready to sell now that it’s breaking lower? Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/NZD Short

Wacky times in the forex market lately, right? Well, we had another swift move in risk sentiment, pushing my EUR/NZD short up to its adjusted stop. Here’s a quick review. Read more

Forex Adjustments: EUR/NZD & GBP/AUD Shorts

The forex market went into super risk-on mode to kick the week off and with such a big move, I gotta adjust my EUR/NZD & GBP/AUD ideas. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: GBP/AUD Downtrend

GBP/AUD has been on a heck of a run lower, and I think I may able to play it at a great price if the forex pair continues to bounce higher. Read more

Forex Adjustments: EUR/NZD Close & Re-Entry

My adjusted stop on EUR/NZD to lock in profits was triggered after a bearish inflation report from New Zealand. I still like the setup so I’m entering once again. Read more

Forex Adjustments: NZD/CAD Long & EUR/NZD Short

With a slight shift to a recent market driver and potentially volatile New Zealand data coming up, with was time to make adjustments to my open Kiwi trades. Read more

Forex Trade Review: AUD/CAD Short

Didn’t think this forex trade had any more legs, so I decided to close my AUD/CAD short ahead of the weekend. Here’s a quick trade review. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: EUR/NZD Short

Spotted another textbook Fibonacci setup on EUR/NZD that really seems to have trouble with upside resistance. Is it time to jump back in short? Read more

Forex Trade Review: GBP/CHF Retracement Short

Strong global risk-off sentiment has pushed safe havens higher and my GBP/CHF short to its max target, closing me out at 1.4000. Here’s a quick forex trade review! Read more

Forex Trade Adjustments: GBP/CHF & AUD/CAD Shorts

With the weekend a few moments away, it’s time to reduce risk and even lock in a very small profit on a couple of winners in my forex portfolio: GBP/CHF & AUD/CAD. Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/USD Range Resistance?

We got a super surprising selloff in the Greenback today, which was unfortunate for my EUR/USD position as the pair reached my forex trade invalidation level. Read more

Forex Trade Adjustment: NZD/CAD Long

New Zealand just came out with a positive jobs report, prompting me to add my second forex position sooner than thought. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: GBP/CHF Downtrend Pullback

Sterling has had a rough start to 2016 and I finally may be seeing an opportunity to short some with GBP/CHF on a trend pullback. What do you think? Read more