July 2015 Monthly Archive

Forex Trade Idea: AUD/CHF Short

AUD/CHF has been slowly moving lower but staying within a pretty tight range recently. Looking to play the forex trend on a top of range retest. Read more

Forex Trade Review: CAD/JPY Short

Here’s a quick forex review on my CAD/JPY short, which closed at its target shortly after trailing my stop to lock in profits. Read more

Forex Trade Updates: Short NZD/USD & CAD/JPY

Here’s a quick forex update and adjustments on my NZD/USD and CAD/JPY short trades after some recent central bank sparked volatility. Read more

Forex Trade Adjustment: Short NZD/USD

My swing trade in NZD/USD seems to be working out well so far, but with the RBNZ meeting coming quickly, I’m adjusting to reduce my forex risk. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: Swing Short on NZD/USD

Spotted my usual technical forex trend setup forming on NZD/USD, which may pair well with a major catalyst event coming from the RBNZ this week. Read more

Forex Trade Adjustments: NZD/CAD & CAD/JPY

The pictures and stories have changed a bit for both my NZD/CAD & CAD/JPY trades, so I’ve decided to adjust to lock in forex profits & free up capital. Read more

Technical Forex Short Opportunity on CAD/JPY?

Spotted a pullback higher and a potential bearish signal on CAD/JPY that could be attractive to longer-term sellers. Time for the return to the trend? Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/JPY Long

So much fear going on that forex raders have been fleeing to the yen for safety. Unfortunately, that took my long USD/JPY position to its invalidation point. Read more

Forex Trade Idea: NZD/CAD Short

No luck so far on getting a deep pullback to jump into the NZD/CAD forex trend lower, but I think I’ll dip my toes in this week with a shallow pullback. Read more

Forex Review: Reflecting on My Q2 2015 Performance

With the summer temperature rising and June in the rearview, it’s time to reflect and see what we can do better with my forex trades with my Q2 review! Read more