June 2015 Monthly Archive

Forex Trade Review: CAD/JPY Long

Here’s a quick forex trade review on my CAD/JPY long, closed on a broad risk move at my trailed stop thanks to Greece’s debt developments this weekend. Read more

USD/JPY Buy Opportunity on Pullback?

Good morning forex friends! Thought I’d start out the week with a very easy setup on USD/JPY. Is the pullback an opportunity for the bulls to buy in? Read more

Forex Adjustments: GBP/JPY & CAD/JPY

Here’s a quick update on my latest forex ideas and open trades in GBP/JPY and CAD/JPY. Both pairs are on the move and with the BOJ meeting coming up, it is time to adjust. Read more

Playing the Slow Move Higher in Guppy

GBP/JPY has been on a slow grind in the last month after breaking the 2014 highs. Will a pullback draw in more buyers to play the forex trend higher? Read more

Forex Trade Review: AUD/NZD Short

Busy morning for the comdolls, with the big market mover coming from the RBNZ–a surprise that took my out of my AUD/NZD forex short at my trailed stop! Read more

Rising Triangle Break on CAD/JPY

Good morning forex friends! I’ve been watching a rising triangle on CAD/JPY for sometime. Now that it’s broken to the upside, is it an opportunity to buy? Read more

Forex Trade Review: Short GBP/USD

Looks like the rollercoaster ride in Cable continues, and the latest bounce higher took me out of my short forex position closed me out at my trailing stop. Read more

Forex Trade Adjustment: Short GBP/USD

Got a busy week coming up on the forex calendar, and with GBP/USD moving my way so far, I think it’s a good idea to lock in profits with a trail stop. Read more