May 2015 Monthly Archive

Forex Trade Adjustments: EUR/AUD & AUD/NZD

It’s been an active week for my open forex positions, and sentiment has shifted enough for me to make some adjustments on my EUR/AUD and AUD/NZD trades. Read more

Downward Pressure on EUR/AUD?

Continuing my recent theme of longer-term forex setups with today’s setup on EUR/AUD. Will the downward pressure be enough to break strong support levels? Read more

Another Forex Short on AUD/NZD

The Kiwi had been beaten down, but now it looks like the bleeding may have stopped & there’s now potential for AUD/NZD to return to a long-term downtrend. Read more

Cable Ready to Resume Downtrend?

Cable has made a bounce in the past few weeks & now it’s testing a few technical arguments for sellers to test the waters. Will the forex downtrend resume? Read more

Forex Review: USD/JPY Long

Thanks to the weak U.S. trade balance on Tuesday, USD/JPY dropped and took me out for a small profit at my trailed stop. Here’s a quick forex trade review. Read more

Forex Adjustment: USD/JPY Long

With a really busy economic calendar this week, I thought I’d adjust the stop on my USD/JPY long forex position to lock in gains ahead of event risk. Read more