August 2014 Monthly Archive

Short-term Long on USD/JPY

With the U.S. printing more positive data & Japanese data coming up, I’ll take a small position in USD/JPY to see if I can grab a few pips before the weekend. Read more


With the picture changing on a couple of my charts & the end of summer quickly approaching, I thought it was time to flatten out & re-evaluate. Read more

Locking in Some Pips on EUR/AUD Short

Looks like I lucked out this time with EUR/AUD bears taking back control, but with strong support ahead, it was time to adjust. Read more

EUR/AUD & NZD/CHF Trade Update

My positions in both EUR/AUD & NZD/CHF have been on the move, so it’s time to do a quick assessment and update ahead of the weekend! Read more

Shorting EUR/AUD at Previous Consolidation

Cautiously hopping back on to the EUR/AUD downtrend now that the market is retesting a previous area of strong interest. Time for the sellers to take back control? Read more

Closed My USD/CHF Long

Well, that didn’t last long! I decided to close out my USD/CHF long, partially on a change in price action, but mostly on what seems to be a shift in sentiment. Read more

Entry Adjustment on USD/CHF

Last week’s pick up in volatility slightly changed the price picture for USD/CHF, but not my directional bias. Here’s an entry adjustment to make sure I don’t miss this opportunity. Read more