July 2014 Monthly Archive

Switching GBP/CHF for USD/CHF

Looks like sentiment is shifting for the Pound, & with the Greenback finding support, I’m switching my focus to a different forex opportunity. Read more

Entry Adjustment On NZD/CHF

The RBNZ signaled a pause in rate hikes, which forex traders took as a signal to sell NZD. I’m still long biased and entering with a different technique now. Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/AUD

EUR/AUD found its way lower to retest recent swing lows, but with a potentially bullish catalyst coming up, it was time to adjust my forex trade. Read more

Playing the GBP/CHF Uptrend

GBP/CHF has been in a textbook uptrend since March, with every pullback an opportunity to play the trend higher. ┬áIs the slight pullback we’re seeing a similar opportunity? Read more

NZD/CHF Support at Broken Resistance?

With fresh geopolitical news & risks, I’m not looking into entering into new forex positions right away. But there’s an interesting setup forming on NZD/CHF. Read more

EUR/AUD Trade Adjustment

I’ve been in EUR/AUD for a while now, long enough for the picture to change. Here’s what I’m seeing & how I’m adjusting my forex trading plan. Read more

Closed USD/JPY on Return to Support

After my trade adjustment, there wasn’t much follow through for Dollar pairs after NFP. USD/JPY reversed enough to close me out at breakeven. Read more

Forex Review: Reflecting on My Q2 2014 Performance

With the end of the quarter, it’s time to reflect on the opportunities in the forex market, as well as both the good & bad decisions I made. Read more

Forex Position Updates

With the end of the month/quarter here & heading into a fresh set of tier one data on a shortened week, I’ve decided to adjust and reassess my forex positions. Read more