June 2014 Monthly Archive

A Simple Resistance Break Retest on CAD/CHF

Spotted this simple forex setup on a pair that has been steadily climbing since bottoming out in March. Is that a breakout or fakeout on CAD/CHF? Read more

Reliable Support on USD/JPY for Range Play?

Now that we’re past the FOMC meeting and it doesn’t look like the BOJ will make any changes, I think it’s time to take another look at USD/JPY. Read more

Watching EUR/USD for a Pullback

With the reaction to the the ECB rate cut fading away, I think it’s time to consider jumping into a possible change in direction in EUR/USD. Read more

Breakout Opportunity in NZD/CHF?

NZD/CHF just busted through a major psychological level on today’s RBNZ rate hike. Is this a forex breakout or fakeout? Read more

Simple Support Break on EUR/AUD

For this week, I’m going to nibble on a simple support break setup on EUR/AUD. Is this the beginning of another leg lower? Read more

Forex Trade Review: GBP/USD

My short-term swing short on GBP/USD closed on Tuesday, not necessarily on trade invalidation, but probably on too aggressive risk management. Here’s my review. Read more

Forex Trade Adjustment: GBP/USD

With a heavy week of forex data, I’ve decided to make adjustments to my short-term swing trade on GBP/USD. Read more