May 2014 Monthly Archive

Short-Term Swing on GBP/USD

Nice price action from Cable this week and it may not be over yet with important U.S. data coming up and a nice Fib play setting up. Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/USD & AUD/JPY

Closed my EUR/USD and AUD/JPY trades as risk sentiment turned positive today on global monetary policy easing outlook. Read more

EUR/USD and AUD/JPY Trade Updates

Before I consider some of the new setups I’m watching this week, here’s a brief recap of the forex trades I currently got going on. Read more

Doing a Flip On AUD/JPY

Sentiment quickly changed on AUD/JPY this week, so I’m going to do what traders do: flip my bias to play what the forex market is giving me. Read more

Closing AUD/JPY as the Story Changes

The stories have changed for both the Yen and Aussie recently, so it’s time for me to shut my AUD/JPY trade down and review. Read more

Forex Trade Updates: EUR/USD & AUD/JPY

With the weekend quickly approaching, I thought I’d share updates and thoughts on my EUR/USD and AUD/JPY trades. Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/JPY Long

Decided to close out my USD/JPY trade early in the U.S. session after waiting to see how Yen traders would price in the positive inflation data. Read more

Euro to Move Lower on Potential Easing?

Draghi made some interesting comments last week that sent the euro tumbling. Is this just the beginning for a big move lower for forex traders? Read more

AUD/JPY Set to Move Higher?

I’ve been watching this forex pair for a a week or so, and now that we’re past some key data points for the Aussie, I’m ready to jump in. Read more

USD/JPY Retesting Major Support

The Greenback has taken a big hit this week, sending USD/JPY to retest a major support level. An opportunity for forex bulls to buy? Read more