March 2014 Monthly Archive

Nibbling on NZD/CAD

Good evening forex friends! As I mentioned in on of my lasts posts, I’m moving my CAD short bias into a small NZD/CAD position. Read more

CAD/JPY Short Closed

Here’s a quick review on my CAD/JPY short, which I decided to close after Friday’s set of positive Canadian data. Read more

CAD Short Adjustments

I decided to adjust both of my CAD short positions, taking off some risk and locking in small forex profits ahead of the weekend and SNB events. Read more

Swing Short on CAD/JPY

Taking a swing short on CAD/JPY to play the recent downtrend. Will forex traders continue to press the trend lower? Read more

Hopped on the CAD/CHF Downtrend

Good morning! ┬áThis forex trade idea has both fundies and technicals going for it! ┬áCheck out how I’m playing the downtrend in CAD/CHF. Read more

Closed Orders: NZD/JPY Inverse Head and Shoulder

My conservative side bit me in the behind once again as NZD/JPY exploded higher rather than pulling back after the neckline break. Here’s a quick review of my missed trade. Read more

Inverse Head-and-Shoulders on NZD/JPY?

NZD/JPY is presenting an interesting forex trading opportunity to play my bearish bias on the Japanese yen. Is that a classic bullish pattern forming on the 4 hour charts? Read more

USD/JPY and NZD/CAD Trade Reviews

I decided to close out my trades on Friday to avoid weekend risk, and this weekend there’s a lot of risk due to the tensions in the Ukraine. Read more