September 2013 Monthly Archive

Technical Swing on EUR/USD – Cancel Orders

Good morning forex friends! No luck on catching a move higher as the pullback got within 10 pips of my entry orders before shooting higher in last week’s trade! Read more

Long Cable Day Trade – Closed

It looks like the USD selloff thanks to the Non-Taper event was very short-lived as it seems USD found a bid during the Thursday and Friday trading sessions. Read more

Day Trading Guppy – Trade Closed

UK inflation data didn’t provide the catalyst I was looking for as it came in mixed and slightly negative. The pair remained in the range all session as sellers held 158.00 and buyers at 157.50. Read more

Support Break on EUR/USD? – Trade Closed

EUR/USD continues to be an difficult beast for me to tame as the pair went into snooze mode before a shot of volatility higher told me it’s time get out. Read more