August 2013 Monthly Archive

Shorting USD/JPY on a Pullback – Trade Closed

It was a snoozer for my USD/JPY position throughout the Wednesday US session, but it was Obama’s comments in the Thursday morning Asia session that pushed the USD around; first my way and then not my way! Read more

Range Break and Retest on GBP/USD? – Trade Closed

Got the pullback I was looking for to play my idea that we’d see risk-off flows thanks to geopolitical risk, but there wasn’t much direction or volatility after I was triggered. With the new European session coming up quick, it’s time to close my day trade and look for other opportunities. Read more

Swing Short on USD/JPY – Trade Closed

While it wasn’t a huge market mover, yesterday’s FOMC meeting minutes showed how the members were comfortable with trimming stimulus this year. This was very USD bullish as the Greenback fell against the majors. Read more

Forex Day Trade on USD/CHF – No Trade

Good evening forex friends! No luck in catching that USD rally on an retracement as USD/CHF powered higher during the Wednesday Asia and European session. Time to close orders with bearish bars forming with a new start to the day. Read more

Day Trading the MPC’s Forward Guidance – Closed

Action was what I was looking for and that’s what I got…but not in a good way! The strong resistance at 1.5400 wasn’t able to hold for long, giving way to buyers and taking me out of my trade. Read more