February 2013 Monthly Archive

Swing Long on USD/JPY – Trade Closed

You know how I always say, “anything can happen in the currency markets?” Well, we saw a good example of that yesterday as the Italian elections caused massive moves in the global financial market–and it wasn’t a good thing for my USD/JPY trade. Read more

Swing Short on GBP/USD Retracement? – Trade Closed

It looks like it was a one-way road for Cable as the pair continued its decent to 1.55 without the pullback I was hoping for to add to my position. With a major area of interest being tested and the G20 summit weekend coming quick, it’s time to call this swing trade quits. Read more

Another Cable Day Trade Short – Trade Closed

Good evening! It looks like going with technicals for the Friday session didn’t pan out as Cable rallied higher on a sentiment shift of flows from the eurozone to the UK. Read more

Shorting Cable Ahead of BOE Decision – Close Open Orders

Cable sellers weren’t messing around during Tuesday’s session as they pushed the pair lower without hesitation during the US session. It looks like my entry level is out of reach ahead of the BOE event with all this GBP bearishness, so I’m closing my open orders. Read more

Day Trade Short on USD/CHF – Close Open Orders

It looks like no luck during Thursday’s session for me to get a pullback on USD/CHF. With US NFP coming up quick in a few hours, it’s time to close down my orders to avoid event risk. Read more