May 2012 Monthly Archive

USD/JPY for a Position Play – Trade Closed

It has been an interesting last 24 hours for the Japanese Yen. And while the BOJ didn’t play out as thought it would–this time–it was a surprise announcement from Fitch that helped my idea turn into a positive outcome. Read more

Playing the EUR/CAD Downtrend – Trade Closed

Good morning forex fiends! It was a tough ending for my latest trade idea as risk-off flows came in hot and heavy to close out last week’s trading. As per normal behavioral patterns, this spelled trouble for “risk-on” assets like the Canadian Dollar, as well as my EUR/CAD trade. Read more

Going Long USD/CHF on Greenback Strength – No Trade

Good evening! Luckily for Dollar bulls, it was all about buying in Monday’s session for USD/CHF. With the pair on its way higher and a new session in the works, I’ve decided to make some adjustments and look for new opportunities. Read more

Swing Short to Jump in the EUR/USD Downtrend – No Trade

Good morning forex friends! It looks like the pullback higher wasn’t as I as I hoped before sellers took EUR/USD down during the Thursday session and into the Friday session. With the weekend quickly approaching, it’s time to make an adjustment. Read more

Day Trade Short on Cable – Trade Closed

Good morning! My day trade idea was triggered just ahead of the US session open, and while the area did look good as resistance, Cable just kept treading on higher. Here’s how my trade played out. Read more