April 2012 Monthly Archive

Swing Play on USD/CHF Resistance – Close Open Orders

Good evening! It looks like my hopes to play USD/CHF were dashed this week as the rest of the market was eager to short the Dollar ahead of the much anticipated FOMC. Come see how it all played out! Read more

Playing the Cable Range – Trade Closed

Even after a big surprise from an MPC member this week on quantitative easing, the 1.6000 held pretty steady as resistance–until the UK retail sales report! Check out how the last major report for the week left me with a sour start to the weekend! Read more

Short-Term Short on USD/JPY – Closed Open Orders

Good morning Forex friends! I’m back to looking at the USD/JPY as the pair has continued to make a steady move lower from its highs a few weeks ago around 84.00. I’d like to try jump in this multi-week move–if the price is right! Read more

Reflecting on My First Quarter Performance

Good morning Forex friends! Time flies by when you’re having fun battling the markets, and it looks like we’re already a quarter of the way done with 2012! As the saying goes, “Pain + Reflection = Progress,” so it’s time to review how I did in the first quarter. Read more

Going Long Cable on a Pullback – Trade Closed

Good evening Forex friends! It looks like that bearish divergence signal was good one and both of my positions have triggered. Normally, I’d like let the market do its thing from this point on, but today’s FOMC minutes changed the game. Read more