October 2011 Monthly Archive

Trendline Break on EUR/USD for a Day Trade? – Trade Closed

Good afternoon! I deviated from my original plan a bit as I held onto my EUR/USD short overnight. This turned out to be a good decision as the market found a reason to continue the trendline break lower. Check it! Read more

Waiting for a Pullback in USD/CHF – Trade Closed

It would be an understatement if I said today was just one of those wacky days in the markets–it was nuts! Despite a constant stream of rumors, news and data releases, USD/CHF played out as I hoped. Check out how I closed today’s session. Read more

Day Trade Opportunity on EUR/USD?? – No Trade

Good morning! As speculated, momentum carried over from yesterday as we saw further “risk-off” moves during the Asia and morning European sessions. Unfortunately for my trade idea, the retracement in EUR/USD was way too shallow for me to jump in. Check it out! Read more

Day Trade Long Setup on EUR/USD? – No Trade

It’s a “no go” on my day trade as the market dip wasn’t enough to trigger my orders at Tuesday’s lows. It’s a shame because euro bulls jumped back in with force! Check it out! Read more

Looking to Jump Back in the EUR/USD Downtrend – Trade Closed

Good afternoon! The week has already kicked off and it looks like volatility has not yet left the building. The European debt and banking issues continue to drive sentiment, but earlier today, Bernanke’s testimony to Congress may have setup another opportunity to play the overall trend. Read more