September 2011 Monthly Archive

Is the Rising Trendline Break Legit? – Trade Closed

Good afternoon fellow forex fanatics! It looks like that rising trendline turned into a great resistance area as the pair retested and dropped on a shift back into risk aversion. Check it out! Read more

A New Fibonacci Short Setup on Cable? – Trade Closed

Good morning! It looks like a plan from European leaders to contain the debt markets has squashed the massive fear moves, propelling traders to move out of their Dollar and Yen positions. As you may have guess, this was no good for my GBP/USD short…check it! Read more

Time to Buy Greenbacks and Sell Aussies? – Closed Open Orders

Good morning fellow forex fanatics! And what a fanatical day it’s been in for forex over the past 24 hours. I tried getting into that super risk off move after the FOMC announcement, but it looks like that train wasn’t waiting for no one. Check it! Read more

Day Trade Short on EUR/USD – Trade Closed

Good afternoon! This market is full of surprises lately, and today was no different as rumors of another Swiss National Bank intervention kicked off some nice volatility. All is quiet now, so I decided to close my trade for a small profit. Check it! Read more

A Swing Back Lower for EUR/USD? – Trade Closed

It looks like the signals were right on as the pair quickly fell, but unfortunately, the signal and entry is probably the least important part of trading. How you manage the trade after you’re in it is what matters the most, and this time I didn’t do so well. Check out my review and see what lessons we can learn… Read more

Intraday Trend Opportunity on USD/JPY? – Trade Closed

Hello forex friends! Here is the review on my USD/JPY short from yesterday. The pair did rally into the US session and the Fib area did hold as resistance, but there wasn’t much action from that point on. Check it! Read more

A New EUR/USD Opportunity After Intervention Speculation? – Trade Closed

Well that was fast! As expected, traders took the spike higher as another opportunity to sell off some euros during today’s trade. Check out how it all played out! Read more