July 2011 Monthly Archive

Time to Sell EUR/USD at 1.4500? – Trade Closed

Good morning FX friends! With the weekend quickly approaching and the first look at Q2 US GDP around the corner, I have decided to close out my trade. Let’s see how EUR/USD moved this week. Read more

USD/CHF Downtrend to Resume? – Open Orders Closed

No trade for me this week as my short orders at the 61% Fib were narrowly missed–by 1 pip! With the market already dropping 100+ pips and the week coming to close, it’s time to shut down and review. Read more

Cable: Is the Retracement Another Shot to Short? – Trade Closed

t was a quick and very eventful trade for me as UK employment surprised and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress rocked the markets. Read more

Cable Ready to Swing Short? – Trade Closed

Good morning! There has been pretty good movement in Cable since I opened my trade yesterday, but it looks like I could only pull a very small winner on today’s volatility. Check out my step-by-step moves. Read more