June 2011 Monthly Archive

Fib Setup Forming on USD/CAD? – Trade Closed

As expected, Canadian CPI took USD/CAD down to my entry levels, but unfortunately it took the market way beyond that as well! My trade was quickly invalidated as traders went loony for the Loonie on renewed speculation of rate hikes in Canada…doh! Read more

Fib Setup Forming on Cable? – Open Orders Closed

Nice price action in Cable during the Wednesday session and the good news is that it looks like my gut was somewhat right on how the market played out. The bad news is that I may have been TOO conservative on my entry…doh! Read more

Rising Trendline Break on USD/JPY? – No Trade

USD/JPY failed to make any moves lower during Thursday’s session, so it’s no trade for me as I closed my orders and the end of US trading. Read more

Technical Day Trade Setup on EUR/JPY?? – Close Open Orders

Well, that was quick! We did see volatility in EUR/JPY during the afternoon Asia session, enough to push the pair higher, but not enough to trigger my short orders before dropping…doh! Since the pair didn’t play out exactly as I hoped, I closed my open orders. Read more

Will the Top of the Range Hold for USD/CAD? – Trade Review

I decided to close out my short USD/CAD trade before we head into a slew of major economic events. With global data and market reactions trending towards “negativeville,” I feel like if I held on to a Dollar short position I’ll get burned. Check it out! Read more

Potential Swing Short on GBP/USD? – Trade Review

Good evening forex friends! Here is my trade review of my short Cable trade after closing my position down ahead of the Friday Non-Farm Payrolls report. Check out how my trade worked out! Read more