Pick of the Day

Trade Update: USD/CAD Break and Retest

Now that the FOMC statement is over and Fed officials seem to be relatively hawkish, I’m setting my orders for this USD/CAD pullback play. Read more

Forex Watchlist: USD/CAD Break and Retest

Crude oil has been tumbling again these days, causing USD/CAD to make an upside breakout from its symmetrical triangle pattern. But with the FOMC statement coming up, I’m inclined to wait for a pullback before going long. Read more

Trade Review: EUR/GBP Long-Term Trend Line

The numbers are in… and I’m out of this trade! Take a look at these reasons why I decided to exit this EUR/GBP position early. Read more

Forex Watchlist: EUR/NZD Pullback Area

With the ECB statement coming up, I can’t help but look for potential short euro plays to hop in the ongoing trends. Here’s what I’m seeing on EUR/NZD. Read more

Trade Updates: Short GBP/USD and Short EUR/GBP

I’ve got a couple of opposing pound positions open so far, and I’m waiting for the top-tier U.K. events to provide more direction this week. Read more

Trade Update: EUR/GBP Long-Term Trend Line

Now that the BOE decided to keep interest rates on hold for the time being, I’ve gotten confirmation to enter this short EUR/GBP setup. It also helps that I’m seeing this reversal pattern on the 4-hour chart. Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/GBP Long-Term Trend Line

Sterling seems to be putting up a really good fight against its forex peers these days so I’m looking at this potential turnaround for EUR/GBP. Think this long-term trend line would hold? Read more

Trade Update: GBP/USD Short-Term Retracement

Looks like Cable is making a higher pullback! My second entry order on my GBP/USD trade idea just got triggered as pound bulls are charging for now. Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/USD Short-Term Retracement

I’ve already caught some pips off a Cable short trade, but I think this downtrend could keep going on so I’m trying to sell the rallies. Take a look at this GBP/USD retracement setup! Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/USD Range Play

With Dovish Draghi set to give a testimony this week, I’m waiting for an opportunity to short the euro in anticipation of more ECB easing clues. Here’s what I’m looking at. Read more

Trade Review: Quick Pullback on GBP/USD

Not much action on Cable these days so I’ve decided to book my profits for now. Here’s how my pullback short trade turned out. Read more

Reflecting on My Q2 2016 Forex Performance

Time really does fly when your catching pips, huh? Here’s a quick rundown of the setups I’ve taken in the previous quarter and my takeaways. Read more

Trade Review: AUD/JPY Range Breakdown

I’m gonna give myself a small pat on the back for trailing my stop lower and locking in gains with this AUD/JPY short trade. Here’s how it turned out. Read more

Trade Idea: Quick Pullback on GBP/USD

I waited patiently for the Brexit dust to settle to catch this quick Cable pullback before markets closed on Friday. Here’s how my short position is going so far. Read more

Trade Adjustments: AUD/JPY Range Breakdown

Thanks to overall risk aversion and the BOJ’s decision to keep policy unchanged, AUD/JPY showed strong bearish momentum and is moving closer to my target. Read more