Pick of the Day

Trade Idea: Sell Momentum on NZD/JPY?

Momentum remains strong to the downside on NZD/JPY after a break of the strong support around 81.00. Does it still have legs in the short-term? Read more

Forex Watchlist: Potential Resistance Ahead for GBP/CAD?

With today’s pop higher in GBP/CAD, I think it’s now starting to get interesting as a potential short-term play as it approaches a prior strong consolidation area. Read more

Trade Idea: Strong Resistance on AUD/USD?

Keeping it simple once again with this textbook range setup on AUD/USD. I’m still bullish in the Greenback over the Aussie, & I’m finally getting another chance to play at a potentially great price. Read more

Trade Review: Return to the Uptrend in USD/CHF?

No strong rally higher for the Greenback after Friday’s better-than-expected Non-Farm Payrolls. USD actually turned lower on the session, enough to trigger my rolled up stop to close me out for a small profit. Read more

Trade Adjustments: CHF/JPY Short & USD/CHF Long

This Swiss franc was able to catch some tailwinds produced by today’s ECB meeting, sparking moves in my CHF/JPY & USD/CHF. This triggered me to make adjustments to cut a loss and lock in a gain. Read more

Trade Idea: Potential Support on NZD/CHF?

Keepin’ it simple this week with a textbook range setup on NZD/CHF. As the market approaches a major support area, will buyers start to take back control? Read more

Trade Adjustment: Return to the Uptrend in USD/CHF?

Caught a bit of luck with USD/CHF, now up over 100 pips in my favor. It’s time to lock in some pips and create a “risk-free” trade. Here are my adjustments. Read more

Trade Review: EUR/CAD Triangle Breakout

While initial price action looked favorable, CAD bears grew in strength this week to push the Loonie lower across the board, including my EUR/CAD short to its max stop level. Read more

Trade Review: GBP/NZD Falling Trendline Retest

Since putting on my short position in GBP/NZD, my fundamental bias & the technicals have changed enough to close out. Here’s a quick forex trade review. Read more

Trade Adjustment: CHF/JPY Trendline Breakdown

CHF/JPY has slowly gone my way but 112.50 seems to be unbreakable for the bears. No matter where it goes next, here are a couple of adjustments to reduce risk & maximize gains. Read more

Forex Watchlist: AUD/NZD Testing Range Resistance

What’s up forex fiends!? I’m not seeing any new trade ideas at the moment, but this recent move higher in AUD/NZD to previous resistance makes for an interesting short play soon. Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/CAD Triangle Breakout

Been waiting a while on EUR/CAD to see if that triangle breakdown was a breakout or fakeout. Well, it looks like the bears are firmly in control so it’s time to take my shot! Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/NZD Falling Trendline Retest

Didn’t get a chance to participate in the last drop in GBP/NZD because I missed my entry by a few pips. Looks like I get another shot to play the downtrend at a great price thanks to the RBNZ. Read more

Trade Idea: Return to the Uptrend in USD/CHF?

I’m not a fan of many setups on the shorter timeframe as volatility remains relatively low, so I’ve zoomed out to the daily charts and found this potential setup to play my fundamental biases on the U.S. and Switzerland. Read more

Trade Idea: CHF/JPY Trendline Breakdown

After strong resistance holds and a rising trendline break, I’m taking a forex swing trade to play my bearish bias on CHF/JPY! Read more