Pick of the Day

Another Forex Short on AUD/NZD

The Kiwi had been beaten down, but now it looks like the bleeding may have stopped & there’s now potential for AUD/NZD to return to a long-term downtrend. Read more

Cable Ready to Resume Downtrend?

Cable has made a bounce in the past few weeks & now it’s testing a few technical arguments for sellers to test the waters. Will the forex downtrend resume? Read more

Forex Review: USD/JPY Long

Thanks to the weak U.S. trade balance on Tuesday, USD/JPY dropped and took me out for a small profit at my trailed stop. Here’s a quick forex trade review. Read more

Forex Adjustment: USD/JPY Long

With a really busy economic calendar this week, I thought I’d adjust the stop on my USD/JPY long forex position to lock in gains ahead of event risk. Read more

Forex Trade Review: AUD/NZD Short

After waiting for weeks for the forex trend to resume, sentiment shifted on fresh commentary & data to push AUD/NZD to break the trend & stop me out. Here’s a quick review. Read more

USD/JPY Back to a Major Support Area

Price action in USD/JPY has been consolidating back to 119.00 often over the last few months. Will this latest retest be another opportunity for a lift higher? Read more

Forex Trade Review: GBP/USD Short

It was an all-around bad week for the Greenback, which means a bad week for Cable short positions. I was taken out at my max stop for a small loss; here’s a quick forex review. Read more

Forex Trade: GBP/USD Short on a Bounce

Good morning forex friends! Starting off the week with a very simple GBP/USD retracement setup. Will sellers take back control on a bounce to broken support? Read more

Getting Back into AUD/NZD Short

Time to get my Q2 forex trading mojo on and I’d like to start with a short setup on AUD/NZD. Is the latest pullback a great time to jump in the downtrend? Read more

Forex Review: Reflecting on My Q1 2015 Performance

With March almost outta here, that means we’re already through Q1, which of course means it’s time to reflect and see what we can do better with my forex trades! Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/GBP Short & AUD/NZD Short

Both of my only open forex trades closed earlier this week, one winner and one loser. Here’s a quick review and a potential setup to keep an eye out for. Read more

Forex Trade Review: EUR/USD Short

Here’s a quick forex of my short EUR/USD position, closed at my trailing stop ahead of the close of last week’s trade for a small profit. Read more

Forex Adjustment: Short EUR/USD

Thanks to the FOMC meeting, volatility in EUR/USD spiked high enough for my way out short forex orders at 1.10 to be triggered & go positive very quickly. Time to lock in profits! Read more

Hopping on the EUR/GBP Downtrend on a Pullback

Finally, got a pullback in EUR/GBP after several weeks of selling without a pullback. Are forex sellers ready to take back control & resume the downtrend? Read more

Forex Trade: Getting Back in USD Long

Looks like I was a little too cautious closing down my USD long trades before NFP on Friday.  With major forex events out of the way for now, looking to jump back in. Read more