Huck’s Q2 2013 Trading Review

So far so good! It looks like my decision to change up my system is paying off. I finished another quarter in the green! Woot!

However, to say that Q2 2013 went as smooth as Robin Thicke, would be a lie. A quick glance at my numbers would show that I struggled during the start of the quarter.

Date Trades Gain/Loss
4/3/2013 USD/JPY: Perfect Bounce Off the 61.8% Fib? Breakeven
4/11/2013 USD/CHF: Simple Fibonacci Play Did not trigger
4/17/2013 The Start of A New Uptrend on EUR/USD? -1.00%
4/24/2013 GBP/USD: Eyeing Resistance At the Falling Trend Line -1.00%
5/2/2013 USD/JPY: Shorting On A Pullback -1.00%
5/8/2013 GBP/USD: Eyeing A Bounce At the Rising Trend Line Did not trigger
5/23/2013 USD/CHF: Jumping in on the Dollar Rally -0.77%
5/30/2013 EUR/USD: Shorting at 1.3000! -1.00%
6/6/2013 EUR/USD: Anticipating An Upside Break +1.17%
6/13/2013 EUR/USD: Eyeing Support at 1.3300 +0.23%
6/25/2013 Changing My Bias on USD/CHF +6.20%
  Total Gain / Loss +2.83%

Looking back, I realized a few mistakes which made trading such a struggle. For instance, there were times when I carelessly left my limit orders instead of watching the market closely before pulling the trigger.

I can also recall a couple of occasions when I got too caught up in my biases that I didn’t prepare any contingency. My GBP/USD trade got stopped out after the U.K. GDP came in better than expected while my short USD/JPY trade incurred a loss following a positive NFP.

But I’m also giving myself a pat on the back for doing a few things right. As you can see, I did a good job in limiting my losses to just 1%. This made it easier for me to pare my initial losses. Also, I had the guts to press my trade which allowed me to ride the rally on USD/CHF and finish the quarter in the green!

With two back-to-back quarters of gains, it looks like I made a good call in incorporating moving averages into my system. It seems to be working fine so I’m gonna stick to it for a few more months.

I just hope that we see more market-moving catalysts in the coming quarters that impact the trading environment for a while. This quarter, the biggest market-mover was the Fed’s decision to start tapering asset purchases. I wonder what the next one will be! What’s your guess?



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