HLHB System Update (January 13 – 17, 2014)

Read all about my HLHB Trend Catcher System if this is your first time hearing about it!



Okay, this week is a little better than the last. Instead of seeing red, the HLHB system actually posted small gains this time! Signal #5 was particularly good as it caught a mini trend move in the middle of the week. I’ll take a 13-pip gain over losses anytime!


# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Sell 1.3663 1.3663 0 RSI didn’t cross below 50
2 Buy 1.3673 1.3666 -7 New crossover
3 Buy 1.3666 1.3666 0 RSI was already above 50
4 Buy 1.3683 1.3667 -16 New crossover
5 Sell 1.3667 1.3618 49 New crossover
6 Buy 1.3618 1.3607 -11 New crossover
7 Sell 1.3607 1.3607 0 RSI was already below 50
8 Buy 1.3623 1.3601 -22 New crossover
9 Sell 1.3601 1.3601 0 RSI was already below 50
10 Buy 1.3629 1.3601 -28 New crossover
11 Sell 1.3601 1.3619 -18 New crossover
12 Buy 1.3619 1.3619 0 RSI was already above 50
13 Sell 1.3598 1.3532 66 End-of-week trade



The system’s performance on Cable was a little better than in EUR/USD with a 25-pip gain. Signal #3, the week’s money-maker, looks similar to signal #5 in EUR/USD. Guess that was a lucky time for the system!

# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Sell 1.6437 1.6423 14 New crossover
2 Buy 1.6423 1.6416 -7 New crossover
3 Sell 1.6416 1.6361 55 New crossover
4 Buy 1.6361 1.6361 0 RSI was already above 50
5 Sell 1.6345 1.6354 -9 New crossover
6 Buy 1.6354 1.6348 -6 New crossover
7 Sell 1.6348 1.6348 0 New crossover
8 Buy 1.6443 1.6421 -22 End-of-week trade

Can’t wait to see those HUGE moves! Hope next week will yield better results 🙂



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  • Albert

    I have adopted your HLHB Trend Catcher System and tested it for full 2 weeks.

    It has now become my prior method to find a timing to enter my position on EUR/USD pair.
    (I have not tested it on any other pairs yet, but I am pretty sure
    it will work on other pairs as well.)

    What I actually wanted to say was,,,
    I could not come up with such a brilliant tool like the HLHB Trend Catcher System myself if it was not you.

    I really do appreciate your work and sharing it with the public.

    The only difference I made in term of exiting a position is
    I usually use Ichomoku cloud’s ‘kizunsen’ of 15 Min chart.

    When a 15 Min candle go cross the Kizunsen up/down(depending
    on trend’s direction), I wait for the next candle’s body close completely
    above/below the Kizunsen to find the timing of exit.

    With this way of exiting a position, I could save many(a lot, in fact) pips that could have lost by waiting too long, or too soon.

    • Hucklekiwi Pip

      Glad to hear that the system is useful for you, Albert!

      Just curious, do you use it on the 15m chart or is it just for exit signals? Thanks!


      • Albert

        15 Min chart is for exit signals only, with
        Ichimoku’s Kijunsen.

        For entering a position on EUR/USD, I’m using exactly the same way on 1H chart that you’ve showed, which is fantastic!

        • Hucklekiwi Pip

          Cool! Thanks for sharing! Got any trades open today? We could see big moves!

  • Ray Kang

    I found out that this system is amazing it is simple and profitable. I added MACD to time the entry and i uses this system to trade in 4H time frame. It is even better if we uses trailing stop in this system. I am getting average of 80-160 pips per week on the major pairs. Patience, discipline and MM plays very important role in order to gain more pips. Happy trading folks!

    • Hucklekiwi Pip

      Great to hear that you’ve been making pips with the system!

      What other pairs are you using it on? I might backtest them in the future too!