Forex Review: USD/JPY Uptrend Trade 2.0

I’m putting in my last forex trade update for the year! Re-entering USD/JPY’s uptrend was a good decision, as I was able to sneak in 1,260 pips.

Forex Trade Tweet: USD/JPY Uptrend Trade 2.0

USD/JPY 1-Hour Forex Chart

USD/JPY 1-Hour Forex Chart

In my last USD/JPY trade I mentioned that all positions got stopped out on a massive profit-taking. Fortunately, I had another opportunity to enter USD/JPY’s uptrend and take advantage of the Greenback’s strength.

Like in my last trade, I also added every 150 pips and manually adjusted stop losses almost every time the pair makes new highs. Here are the details!

Position 1 bought at 114.67: +552 pips
Position 2 bought at 116.17: +402 pips
Position 3 bought at 117.67: +252 pips
Position 4 bought at 119.17: +102 pips
Position 5 bought at 120.67: -48 pips
TOTAL: 1,260 pips, +5.17%

Overall I’m very happy with this trade and couldn’t see major things that I could have done better. Manually adjusting stops was helpful especially after USD/JPY had broken above the 120.00 handle because it was able to lock in the gains from the older positions.

What a great way to end the year! How about you? How was your last trade? 🙂



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  • ForExchange

    Hi Huck,

    I really like your trade and congrats.

    The only what I miss is that you posted all your great winnings after when they happened. So we could have not seen any of it live. It would have been better to see how you managed all those trades during the whole process.

    I wish you and even more successful 2015,


    • Hucklekiwi Pip

      Thanks for checking out this trade! Great point about timely updates. I’ve actually made it a trading resolution for the year ahead. Right now I update my Twitter (@loonie_adventure) as soon as I take trades and in case I can’t post full trade ideas yet. Hope this helps! 🙂