Forex Update: Evening Star On USD/CHF’s Chart (Manually Closed)

No new lows for USD/CHF? No more short for me!

USD/CHF Daily Forex Chart

USD/CHF Daily Forex Chart

A couple of hours ago I decided to close my short USD/CHF position. Not only is Stochastic already in the oversold region, but price also looks like it has lost its downward momentum. On the fundamental front yesterday’s positive U.S. retail sales is helping the bulls hold up the fort.

Since I have promised more vigilance and flexibility in my Q1 2014 review, I decided to just close this one for now and maybe look for a better trade as the week progresses. For now I have a neat 66 pips and 0.22% gain in my account. Not bad for my first trade in Q2 2014!



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