HLHB Trend-Catcher System Update (October 10 – 14, 2016)

Last week’s trading is proof that you only need one good trade to get you a winning week. Here’s an update on the HLHB Trend-Catcher System!

Read all about my HLHB Trend Catcher System if this is your first time hearing about it!


EUR/USD: 1-hour Forex Chart

EUR/USD: 1-hour Forex Chart

There were only five signals (four valid ones) from EUR/USD last week, but they sure didn’t lack punch! Signal #1 popped up around the time the dollar started gaining ground against the euro. It churned out a neat 146 pips, which, added to signal #5’s 59 pips, helped boost the net weekly gain to a nice 188 pips. Woot! Woot!



GBP/USD 1-hour Forex Chart

GBP/USD 1-hour Forex Chart

Cable wasn’t as lucky as EUR/USD. Of course, it didn’t help that there were barely any reports from the U.K. after Theresa May’s bombshell from a couple of weeks back. Though it had 9 signals total and three valid ones, the fakeout from signal #7 was enough to wipe out the small gains from signals 4 and 6. Guess the system really doesn’t do well on ranging conditions, huh?


Overall it’s still a pretty good week for the system. Aside from filtering out signal #3 I think the RSI filter did pretty well in keeping fakeouts away. Fingers crossed for another good week next week!

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P.S.: Remember to never risk more than 1% of a trading account on any single trade and to adjust position sizes accordingly. Create your own ideas and don’t follow what I do. Better yet, read the Risk Disclosure!

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