HLHB Trend-Catcher System Update (Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2015)

Fakeout alert! Thanks to a ranging forex environment, the HLHB System gave up pips on both EUR/USD and GBP/USD’s charts. Here are the deets!

Read all about my HLHB Trend Catcher System if this is your first time hearing about it!


EUR/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

EUR/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

The pair ranged for about 150 pips throughout the week and, unfortunately, the moves only led to valid signals that turned out to be fakeouts. Only signals 2 and 5 saved the pair from too many losses so by the end of the week the system lost 41 pips on the pair. Boo!



GBP/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

GBP/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

Like EUR/USD, GBP/USD was also in range mode for the whole week. The range is tighter this time around though, so it’s no surprise that there were more signals and more fakeouts. In fact, all of the valid signals turned out to be fakeouts, which led to a 139-pip loss for the trading system.


Fingers crossed for a better, trend-y week next week!



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