HLHB Trend-Catcher System Update (September 14 – 18, 2015)

What a great week for the HLHB System! Thanks to the RSI filter and its some early forex signals, the system was able to catch pips from EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Read all about my HLHB Trend Catcher System if this is your first time hearing about it!


EUR/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

EUR/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

The HLHB had a shaky start with EUR/USD after it encountered a few fakeouts early in the week. Luckily, a last-minute signal turned out to be valid and caught 87 pips to take out the losses and convert it to a net of +12 pips for the week. Phew!



GBP/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

GBP/USD 1-Hour Forex Chart

Though fewer in signals, the system had more luck against the pound. Signal #6 turned out to be a winner, as it caught the dollar selloff before the Fed published its no-rate-hike plans for September. By the end of the week the six valid signals churned out a net of 216 pips from Cable. Not bad, I think.


EUR/USD and GBP/USD are looking a bit more range-y this week, so my fingers are crossed that the this trend-catcher system wouldn’t have much trouble with fakeouts. Let’s see!



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