HLHB System Update (June 30 – July 4, 2014)

Read all about my HLHB Trend Catcher System if this is your first time hearing about it!


EUR/USD HLHB System Forex Chart

EUR/USD HLHB System Forex Chart

Not a bad week for EUR/USD. The system only threw out a couple of signals this time and two of the four signals were even invalidated. Fortunately, the pips from signal #2 were enough to offset the 11-pip loss from signal #3 so the system still ended the week with a 12-pip gain. Phew!

# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Buy 1.3693 1.3693 0 RSI was already above 50
2 Sell 1.3684 1.3661 23 New crossover
3 Buy 1.3661 1.3650 -11 New crossover
4 Sell 1.3650 1.3650 0 RSI was already below 50


GBP/USD HLHB System Forex Chart

GBP/USD HLHB System Forex Chart

Now this is what the HLHB System is about! Although we saw a couple of fakeouts from GBP/USD at the start of the week, the system was able to catch the start of an intraweek trend. The 122-pip gain from signal #4 completely wiped out losses form other signals, which ended in an 89-pip gain for the week. Woot!

# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Sell 1.7026 1.7031 -5 New crossover
2 Buy 1.7031 1.7017 -14 New crossover
3 Sell 1.7017 1.7036 -19 New crossover
4 Buy 1.7036 1.7158 122 New crossover
5 Sell 1.7158 1.7149 9 New crossover
6 Buy 1.7149 1.7149 0 RSI was already above 50
7 Sell 1.7152 1.7152 0 RSI was already below 50
8 Buy 1.7161 1.7157 -4 End-of-week trade

Fingers crossed for another good week next week! 🙂



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  • Daren

    Hi Huck
    Signal 4 GBP/USD was such a great move are you able to pin point why this was so good against the others? One of the things we were taught in Pip School was to discount high/low gains/losses from our trading plan as may distort the overall picture. I would guess that your system is designed to make large gains and accept small losses. At the moment it feels the more I study the less I know. Excellent week for you mine was excellent in the sense I made a very large gain on a breakout however was not to plan so will be discounting from my figures and will be recorded as such in my journal.
    D 🙂

    • Hucklekiwi Pip

      Hey Daren! I think what the point that the School of Pipsology is making is that you should discount extreme gains/losses so you’ll focus on improving your average and your process. It’s more of a guideline for trading psychology and not a hard rule. The HLHB System in particular is designed to catch trends, so in theory one or two big gains on trends should offset small losses. Congrats on the gain and even bigger congrats on recognizing that it’s a “bad” profitable trade. Let me know if you have other questions! 🙂