Silver to test 200-day moving average? At least?


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Commentary & Analysis
Silver to test 200-day moving average? At least?

Continuing along the theme of declining liquidity hitting the metals markets, I share with you a chart of silver I sent to Members of our Options Predator service last week:

To review, starting from left to right on the chart above…

  1. QE2 began in late October 2010 (vertical maroon line on the chart); it launched silver into the ozone and test of the old Hunt-Brothers-silver-corner high back in the early 1980s.
  2. Notice how the volumes (bars at bottom of chart started to rise on the QE2 liquidity surge expectations; circled in yellow.
  3. Notice how open interest (red line top chart) soared and has not seen those highs since … even as silver made a new price high (likely bigger players running out as smaller players rushed in).
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    Glad other people are on the same page as me on silver, I think
    that this could be very interesting time for silver, I have heard a lot of
    people talking thought the grape vine that more and more big buyers are waiting
    for this.