April 2012 Monthly Archive

It is passed time for a MAJOR disappointment!

Are there no limits whatsoever to monetary policy? It is beyond pathetic that a rising stock market seems the only substitute for real policy from our “best and brightest.” Read more

Fire-eaters are the death knell for Club Med … unless the scales begin to balance.

What do William Lowndes Yancey, Edmund Ruffin, and Geert Wilders have in common? Even though the first two owned black slaves in the 1800s and the last of that trio has spoken out against the spread of Islam across Europe in recent years, no – they’re not all racists. Read more

WWRRD — What Would Robert Rubin Do?

It seems the European Central Bankers didn’t read the latest issue of Institutional Investor. Had they perused the pages, they may have stumbled on an acceptable strategy from former Goldman Sachs managing partner slash US Treasury Secretary slash Citigroup chairman, Robert Rubin. Read more

The Aussie Divergence: Who leads and who follows?

The Reserve Bank of Australia kicked the door wide in its last meeting, sealing the deal on expectations for a coming interest rate cut Down Under. It seems growth in Australia may be in some trouble. Read more

The Big Lie and a Rant Down the Green Paper Road…Follow the Green Paper Road…

I finally figured it all out. Our global policymakers are nothing more than Wizard of Oz aficionados (the movie as the book is way over their collective heads). They just love happy endings. Let’s just get all the little people to follow down the yellow brick road and it will all turn out just fine, our pols want to believe. Read more