February 2012 Monthly Archive

Can China ‘steel’ the risk spotlight from Europe?

So we have witnessed a roughly streak of risk appetite across the markets. A whopping 10 out of the last 13 weeks the S&P 500 has closed higher than the prior week’s close. Read more

Hip-hip hooray for crude oil’s breakout.

It has been quite the move in the last two weeks. Especially after crude oil lulled everyone to sleep for about three months, even though the tension in the Middle East (particularly Iran) grew slowly and steadily. Read more

Dollar and Euro dependence is a huge risk.

In the last installment of as the world turns towards chaos, aka Currency Currents, I discussed the massive debt problems we face and described why this may lead to below-capacity growth in the global economy for years to come. Read more

George Soros doesn’t like the direction in which Europe is heading.

Soros has an ability to put a finger on global capital flow and its catalysts like few others. The Alchemy of Finance is one of Soros’ books that predated the 2008 credit crunch and its fallout, but explains some of the key reasons why capital moved the way it did during that time. Read more

A self-feeding loop of confusion…

I think by most conventional measures, used by most professional investors, European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi has been a success. He has bolstered the returns for equity funds considerably since his decision to utilize a three-year term, instead of one year, in the ECB recent liquidity injection to European banks. Read more