October 2011 Monthly Archive

Gold: too much investment or not enough?

As Jack has noted, he understands the reason the euro and risk might bounce after the eurozone leaders “struck a deal,” but we saw moves yesterday that are, thus far to us, inexplicable. Read more

It’s confidence week – is confidence weak?

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spin the word ‘confidence’ around today – there are so many ways. So let’s just spin them all … Read more

Aussie premium precariously perched on the edge of a copper caldron?

I keep thinking that any day now the Australian dollar will take a very deep dirt nap. My pecking away has been rewarded at times, but my big spot FX bets (those based on max confidence moments), have proven painful to my trading account. Read more

Everybody loves the Street!

It used to be we only had bulls, bears, bucket shops, manipulators (aka specialists), syndicates (aka manipulators), sheep, wolves, tipsters, and an assorted array of those fond of larceny occupying Wall Street; in short, the embodiment of what Goldman Sachs built its reputation upon. Read more

The markets get data-fied today, but it probably won’t carry.

S&P downgraded Spain. But who cares? Italy had a disappointing bond auction. But who cares? Read more

Our Wave View is Scary – 5,100 on the Dow before this is over!

It didn’t matter which market we were watching – currencies, commodities, stocks – they had become oversold after a plunge throughout the month of September. We expected a bounce and positioned our members accordingly. It is paying off so far. Read more

You’re invited to the Freedom and Solidarity party today. It’s gonna get crazy.

The European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) has been in the news. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Currently there are more than 400 billion euros committed to it. Read more

Being right and acting right….Did I say “long term?”

I hope I mentioned the word “long-term” several times when I sent you the long-term dollar index chart last week with my best guest attached for a dollar rally. Mr. Greenie is getting smoked today. Read more

Dollar Wins in a Global Deflation

I am a big believer in the idea MAJOR global macro events are catalysts that produce long-term trend changes in markets (granted the gift of hindsight helps us see this; but for the record I believed the dollar had put in the a bottom during the credit crunch, and said so then, and though confidence in that call has waxed and waned Read more

Financial Times in cahoots with the PPT? The S&P 500’s fate depends upon it … sort of!

Well, that was awfully convenient. Did you notice the Dow rally 4% in the last 45 minutes of trading yesterday? Read more