March 2011 Monthly Archive

The Other Safe-Haven Currency. And … PLAY BALL!

I was chatting with number one son John Ross the other day–he will of course be here at the international headquarters of Black Swan Capital later for the annual Major League Baseball opening day hot dog eating contest with yours truly (number two son Brendan will be in the competition this year). Read more

Aussie: Is a rate cut close to in the price?

If you are like most of us average humans you likely expect the Reserve Bank of Australia to continue to hike rates as far as the eye can see. But, interestingly there is another view out there, as shocking as it may be; here it is, from Read more

Is the worm turning?

Are the themes and dreams starting to change? Can we hear the grinding wheels in the engine room of conversion flow? Read more


There has been an interesting on again/off again correlation between gold and the euro. Lately, gold and the euro have been positively correlated, i.e. both moving higher against the US dollar. Read more

Japan slowdown and linkages …

China has been busy cracking down on anyone they suspect might contemplate re-enactment of the protests now playing out in the Middle East. The Thought Crime Division is working overtime, surely adding more points to the GDP. Read more

Is the Single Currency Straight Jacket Tightening?

Well, one day doesn’t usually qualify as a trend, but given the way Mr. Greenie has been hammered and all the nasty things others are saying about him, some deserved, some not, I am going to qualify a one-day move up as a rally. Read more

Media-Induced Rubbernecking

Sometimes it feels good to blame the media for its ineptitude, irrelevance, or ill-informed views. But the problem may be with us and the sheer volume of useless “news” we’re willing to absorb. Read more

It’s “all good”?

I have a good friend named John who has a very poignant expression when things look bleak and markets rally, as soon as he gets short. He will say to me, ―Hey don’t worry. It’s all good,‖ sardonically making light of those making money on the long side when he (and I) think the market is staring into the abyss. Read more

A Common Political Culture? No, Nee, Neen, Na, Naa, Ei, Ochi, Não.

Linguists within our midst will recognize the word “no” in several languages. I of course headed straight to the internet for clarification. Read more

Me and Jimmy.

You know the man – he is unrelenting in his quest to harness the power of the commodities “bull” and clearly passionate in his market predictions, not to mention ruggedly good-looking and charming. Read more

Ben, inflation, and Tao of markets

Last week I summarized an excellent piece by Stephen King, not the scary one, the one that toils away as chief economist for HSBC; but then again, economists can be very scary in their own right. Read more

Where’s the real risk … because Libya could be about tapped out?

Over the last three weeks (more or less), every point lower in the stock market is attributed to risk in the Middle East. Every downside move in commodities is attributed to risk in the Middle East. Read more

Are inflation expectations ahead of themselves?

I read a great piece by HSBC Chief Economist guru Stephen King that appeared in the Financial Times this morning, “Trigger-happy central bankers risk wrecking the recovery,” Read more