February 2011 Monthly Archive

No rest for the weary …

Whatever happened to world reserve currency safe haven status? Yikes!!! Now global risk is hammering the greenback; a bad sign indeed when what was once relative good news is now taken as bad. Read more

Dr. Copper, meet Mr. Crude …

Copper Futures, daily: who pulled the plug? Surging crude oil apparently is now a threat to global recovery. Read more

Yields driving but risk rising …

Yield differential is still in the driver’s seat … as the buck fights the euro and the pound. Traders are now expecting the ECB and BOE will move before the Fed. Read more

A look at the gold/silver ratio; and FIL speaks on gold.

If you are sitting on buckets of silver coins you are a happy guy. And you know who is a happy guy–the honorable father-in-law (FIL). Read more

Can supply or demand explain this crude bounce? Nope.

Let us look at crude oil today. In fact, a whole lot of people are probably looking at crude oil today. Read more

Beliefs, lessons, full moons, and Mr. Market…

When I first started trading currencies seriously (currency futures actually) I was very fired up–ready to make my millions and then move on to conquer the rest of the world (youth is great that way). Read more

Bank of England is firmly ensconced in a quagmire.

Rhetoric is heating up in the UK over inflation. The BOE is feeling the heat; Mervyn King had to deliver the “I’m sorry, but this inflation stuff is tricky” letter to the chancellor of the exchequer; and BOE-member Sentence is screaming for rate hikes. Read more

What if Ben is right and the doom-and-gloom crowd is wrong?

I’m not sure about you, but the doom and gloom guys are really getting to be a pain in the rear end, to say the least. Read more

The World Outlook Conference…

I’m in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, with Black Swan Capital’s marketing guru David Newman; we are attending Michael Campbell’s World Outlook Conference. Read more

Chinese shares coming back just in time … for another fall.

We always watch inter-market correlations. We believe it helps determine capital flows which helps with timing investments and trades Read more

What? Me Worry!

All governments are masters of deception; they prey on our stupidity and nationalism. They are excellent at making us believe their “classic pearls of idiocy.” Read more

Behind the Curve. Behind the Commodity Dollars.

I was listening to a major bank FX analyst this morning react to China’s latest 25 basis point rate hike. Read more

Central Banks and Credibility: A Laughing Matter?

It is funny how central banks continue to carry so much gravitas among investors and traders. Perhaps never have central bankers – particularly the Fed – ever [seemingly] lacked so much credibility in the public eye. Maybe it’s the fact that these power brokers have the markets and the economy by the b@||$ – we are at their mercy. Read more

Making rules, but not everyone plays by them.

I recently read about waivers being granted that allow select recipients to avoid Obamacare mandates. Read more

Long and Wrong!

We entered the year expecting the dollar to find support on two primary drivers that is the mother’s milk for currencies Read more