January 2011 Monthly Archive

Quotas? We don’t need no stinking quotas …

You know how you just roll right on through stop signs with nary a hesitation … when you’re in residential areas, parking lots, or anytime you’re the only vehicle around. Read more

The urge to buy rising prices – the euro move is a good example …

It is interesting how rising prices encourage us to buy and falling prices encourage us to sell when it comes to stocks and bonds and other financial assets. Read more

For the love of Muni.

Continued pressure on housing will continue to pressure state and local governments as tax revenues fall further… Read more

Keynesians wrong AGAIN … and why US may surprise on growth.

What is great about seeing the economy through Keynesian lenses is the fact that you never have to say you are sorry for all the damage you caused. Read more

Want to revisit South Africa?

Let’s look at the South African rand, and then let’s look at what’s set to impact South Africa — shall we? Read more

Did someone say “global recovery”?

Scanning the Reuters headlines this morning we find the following array of not so good growth news gracing our otherwise happy Wednesday Read more

The Rising Tide of Confidence

In the few short days of 2011 some themes are already emerging. One such theme is that of upwardly revised growth forecasts for the United States. Read more

Eureka! QE2 Worked?

New lending to small businesses recovered in 2010. A Thomson Reuters/PayNet survey showed such lending jumped by 17% compared to 2009. The survey also suggested small businesses are investing again. Read more