July 2010 Monthly Archive

Is the “recovery” back on track?

There has been a lot of double-dip talk in the market, and a lot of it from us. But, we remain open to being very wrong. Quite possibly, if the recovery is back on track, the US dollar will get smoked on yield and growth differentials; a couple of key factors that not too long ago appeared to favor Mr. Greenback. Read more

Swiss Central Bank Fallout and Some China Chit-Chat

Swissie on a tear for sure against the US dollar…hesitating at the 61.8% retrace from Nov ’09 low today, as speculators take the SNB seriously it seems, especially after this move… Read more

Bringing Down the Communist Party … and the US Current Account Deficit

Go Google news on “China labor strikes” and you’ll find plenty of recent articles about the latest worker strikes throughout the country (notably at the Honda plants). Read more