February 2010 Monthly Archive

A “Long” Car Ride with a Gold Bug

About two weeks ago, I unfortunately had to attend a funeral for my wife’s uncle. He was really a great person–fun, intelligent, and a man with real integrity and deep religious conviction. Read more

Ben, Meet John Maynard (You can call him Omniscient Mr. Keynes.)

Quickly, among the reasons we anticipate a multi-year US dollar bull market in the making is interest rate differentials. Read more

Ouch! Mr. Consumer Surprises Big Time! Will stocks follow?

Who leads, who follows? Do rising stock prices make Mr. Consumer feel good i.e. wealth effect? Or does the ebb and flow of Mr. Consumer’s confidence blaze the trail for stocks? Read more

Center to periphery relationship is still in play…

Why is this important? It is important because the IMF’s morphing views on this imply emerging markets as a group are still highly dependent on capital flow from the developed world–center to the periphery capital flow (I saw this terminology first utilized by Georges Soros; not sure if he coined this phrase, however.) Read more

Keeping it simple! Euro versus the US dollar…

Winston Churchill once said: “Nowhere is more nonsense talked than by currency experts about foreign exchange.” We are in total agreement, and unfortunately guilty as charged, even though we do our best to spew a minimum of nonsense. Read more


Let’s just say for example you study very hard an earned a PhD. in economics at a “top” institution. And let’s say, given that you had tenure and time to consider pie in the sky stuff, as opposed to being worried about paying your mortgage next month, you develop a very nice theory about how to create a common currency. Read more

Oh, that nasty British Pound.

I say nasty because the pound said to us (actually more like screamed), “YOU’RE WRONG!” Read more

Euro bounce? That is a big maybe!

We are looking for a little rebound in the euro, despite our longer term view it goes to low 1.20’s this year at least. Read more

China & Eurozone connection…

Errrrrttt…That was the sound of tightening; if I knew Chinese, I would give you the translation. I guess there’s no need for that, as the markets seem to be translating it just fine this morning. Read more

Recovery: Best get on with it already …

Jack laid out several items yesterday pointing to potential for a double-dip into recession land, for the US and abroad. Read more

Why double-dip recession prospects seem to be rising: Danger!

Five reasons favoring a double-dip…deleveraging, deflation, collateral, China, and protectionism Read more

Their words, not mine.

How about a cornucopia of third party commentary today … to get the juices flowing? Read more

Where are we? Our best guess!

Long-time readers know we are big fans of the boom-bust theory of price action, as first I saw articulated by George Soros back in 1987 in his book, Alchemy of Finance. Read more

A vulnerable currency – The South African Rand?

To the global media, South Africa is presented as a multi-cultural success story it seems. To me, the country appears about two-clicks away from major turmoil. Read more

Reader Mailbag: 7 Reasons to BUY China!

Below is a fairly straight forward third-party article, passed on to us by a reader, on why its author thinks you should be bullish on China. Read more

The Gold Club (or religion of gold)

My father in law wrote yesterday to give me grief about my recent gold forecast/guess as laid out in a recent Currency Currents. Read more

Think about a Rethink

Not so fast … hold on a second … on the other hand … in hindsight … although … looking back … but considering the fact … in light of … Read more