October 2009 Monthly Archive

Things that still frighten us on Halloween Eve

We are quite happy to see the IMF upgraded Asian growth. We were pleasantly surprised with the better than expected GDP report yesterday. We are looking forward to eating belling busting barrels of candy tomorrow. Read more

Will Stronger US GDP Put the Heat Back on the Dollar?

In Florida we have two seasons: summer and not-summer. And even though the leaves don’t really change colors, the ocean temperature hasn’t budged and we still need our central air conditioners as we inch toward November, we think we can still feel a change happening. Read more

Currencies and Straight Jackets

McGee reduced the price for a beer this month to 3.50 euros ($5.18) at his hostelries after the pound’s 12 percent drop against the euro in the past year led customers from the U.K. province of Northern Ireland to stay home. Read more

Eurozone Economy is Going to Zero

Would you think I was crazy if I said I am 100% certain the value of the Eurozone economy would eventually fall to zero? Read more

Dow Theory suggests caution…could be dollar bullish

I am a little hazy this morning after a long flight back to south Florida last night from a trip to Vancouver this weekend. But it was worth it. Read more

What Happens in Europe Stays in Europe

There’s a very good and little‐known movie starring Anthony Hopkins. The title: World’s Fastest Indian. It’s about a New Zealand man who made it his life’s goal to break the land speed record on his motorcycle. It’s been called a “feel‐good” story. Read more

So Long to Netshitenzhe AND Manuel?

You can look at crude oil lately; or you can look at the Reuters-Jefferies CRB Index. Either way you’re probably going to come away with the idea that commodity prices have been rising. Read more

Mr. King Comes Clean and the Market Seems to Like It

Mervyn King delivered a speech yesterday on banking reform, and the market seemed to like it–as the pound has surged Read more

Does this bring out the optimist in you?

Let me just run through some timely market developments and when I’m finished I want you to tell me how you perceive the markets; though it’s rather obvious how the consensus is feeling … Read more

So crowded for so many good reasons, silly ones too…

It’s starting to remind me of queue of people trying to squeeze past one another, pushing toward the window to buy those last few concert tickets on sale. But in the $’s case, they ain’t pushing up to the window to buy. Read more

Weak dollar good or bad…depends on your time frame I guess

Richard Berner is an economist from Morgan Stanley–I think he is very good. He made these comments in a research note recently regarding the US dollar [our emphasis] Read more

Double Header Today: Keep Watching the Central Banks

Pent-up demand and sellers running for cover explains the move by the British pound today. Granted, it was comments from a Bank of England official who sparked the move. Read more

A primer on carry!

Stocks, and currencies to a degree, meandered all day yesterday in wait of Intel to report earnings after the bell. The chip boys didn’t disappoint. Read more

Starting to Heat Up South of the Border

Yesterday, Mexican industrial production slid by 7.3% year-over-year in August, worse than the expected 6.2% decline and the previous drop of 6.5%. Read more

The dollar trade deficit canard!

Economics is a wonderfully confusing field of study. The debate on the US dollar proves once again the words economics and science should never be used in the same sentence. Read more

Gold soaring, paper plunging, and that dog won’t hunt!

A lot of people believe the stock market peaked around October 2007. In the proverbial nominal terms, that is true. But if we consider the two major classes of assets: real stuff (which is real tangible value best depicted by gold) Read more

The Greatest Currency Ever … (Go Ahead and Google It!)

It almost seems as if we’re witnessing a veteran prize fighter on the decline, not only failing to win fights but taking brutal beatings along the way. Read more

Will Latvian Pain Hit the Krona?

Latvia is under severe pressure, to say the least. Take a look at the GDP % change year over year Read more

Gulf States Team Up With the RBA to Down the Dollar

A few headlines I saw this morning – have a look: Swiss franc rises towards parity vs dollar Read more

Aussie vs. Oil: A divergence indeed!

Buy the rumor sell the news? The Australian dollar is sharply higher again today against the buck–which is taking on the chin once again. Read more

Strong dollar dream…..?

I’m so tired…I stayed up late reading last night….falling asleepppp at the keyboardddd….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Read more

Central Bankers Seek a Dollar Bottom; Bonds Favored Over Stocks?

The Bank of England last week made comments regarding some recent weakness in the British pound. It was seen as a potential boost to the UK economy as they’d love to resuscitate what external demand for their exports, Read more