February 2009 Monthly Archive

This is fresh! China to grow at 8%!

China bulls don’t worry, be happy, because China is going to be the sole winner in this race to the bottom–don’t you know.  Read more

Turning Red in the Face on Government Aid

Inflation is back … but this time it’s a bit different. I’m not talking about the inflation of prices; I’m talking about the inflation of lungs. Read more

Central bankers boast they know history, but…

Though it is fashion to blame the US for all the ills now flowing into the global economy, we don’t think it’s quite that simple. Read more

Dodd Dollar Dump

Gold did the deed, closing over the $1,000 mark on Friday as the dollar was sideswiped by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd. Mr. Dodd, a man who pontificates on any and every subject under the sun Read more

Are we getting close?

Japan needs to help ensure exchange rates are stable for its economy to recover, its new finance minister said, as slumping global demand batters exports and pushes the nation deeper into recession. Read more

Close but no cigar

The US$ Index tested its old high yesterday. The heightened bad news concerning the Eurozone banking system had dollar bulls (like us) looking for a breakout in Mr. Greenie. But, as they say, close but no cigar! Read more

Gold and the dollar moving together–a story to fit the facts

The great thing about investing is that you can always find a good story to fit the facts and often your own opinion. And when you add the gift of hindsight you can really weave a good one. Read more

Here’s to Hoping on China …

There was a story in Bloomberg last week regarding the potential for China’s economic recovery to have already begun. I believe the evidence rested simply on the effects of the Chinese’s stimulus plan. Read more

Looking for silver bullets…

It’s not that we have any interest to defend our newly appointed Treasury Secretary, as it’s too late for that anyway. He was summarily savaged by the financial press after his presentation of a “solution” to the financial crisis. Read more

Physical vs. Paper: And the Winner Is …

Are gold coin sales a positive indicator for the US dollar? The answer to that question would fall on whether or not an ongoing period of deleveraging and risk-aversion remains a positive driver for the buck. Read more

Risk Appetite Returning on Stimulus Hopes – Dollar Correction?

Seems traders are betting the US stimulus package/rescue plan will juice investor confidence. The dollar is in corrective mode, having broken below its near-term trend line support levels. Read more

We are going with Fischer on this one!

Point being, all the money the Washington gang has thrown at the economy already, one could say the job market is telling us and them it ain’t working. Read more

Blackmont Stomps on Buy-and-Hold; Mixed Rate Decisions in Europe

Investment advisor at Blackmont Capital and friend of Currency Currents, Yves Lamoureux, made a few comments on trading strategy that we wanted to include in today’s piece Read more

Reserve Bank of Australia Cuts

Australia’s dollar is little changed since the overnight announcement by the Reserve Bank of Australia to slice another 100 basis points off its benchmark interest rate. Read more