January 2009 Monthly Archive

ChartView: Commodity road to 2001?

Just maybe the market is catching on to the potential problems facing the commodity currencies–China. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand made it very clear by its statement and recent 150 basis point cut that this crisis is intensifying. Read more

Scratching Our Heads on Stimulus; Plus, Sounding-Off on Wen at Davos!

A nice gesture – is that what the US government is hoping to pass under our noses with their most recent stimulus bill? Read more

Bailout fatigue! Gold anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming bailout fatigued. I’m to the point where I want all talking and commenting on the bailout to end. Read more

The Market Process Lives!

Turning to the news … We got a bit of a surprise yesterday. In the US, existing home sales rose. That’s right … sales of existing homes did not fall … sales of existing homes did not stay the same. They rose. Read more

New High in Gold and a GBP Rogers rally?

All things gold are glittering in light of a deepening global recession/depression as the muckedy-mucks file into Davos to once again enlighten the world and cook up assorted conspiracies for the New Year Read more

Friday Hodgepodge!

Yuppy-fication is killing us! One of the problems I’ve lamented about over the last several years is what I refer to as the Yuppy-fication of Wall Street. Read more

Global Economic Pressures Sneaking Back Into the Driver’s Seat?

I’ve been told not to use a question as a headline for an article – apparently it’s just not as effective, say the pros. But I can’t help myself; it’s not my style. Read more

A Little Rant on Coronation Day 2!

Not being a fan of mass hysteria myself, and always nervous when Kings are fabricated for a so-called democracy, I chose to watch dollar rally yesterday instead of the coronation. That was good! Read more

United Kingdom Needs a Savior Too

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but today is the day Barack Hussein Obama gets inaugurated as the next President of the United States of America. Read more

Isn’t it always the case?

Just when you start to feel too good about your story–blam!!! We were feeling good about our dollar story yesterday–especially when euro tanked and others followed on the ECB news. But this morning, it ain’t looking so hot. Read more

ECB Cuts 50 BPs … Plus Key Levels on EURUSD

ECB rates to 0%? Well maybe not yet … but now even European Central Bank interest rates are making their way to the central bank gathering point at zero percent. The market expected the ECB to cut 50 basis points. Read more

Looms and ERM risks rise!

A while back we started talking about the risk to breakup of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). Of course the usual howls of disbelief we usually get when we look in the opposite direction of the consensus. Read more

Is This Really How It Is?

I got another email – this time from a random email contact that doesn’t follow the markets and has no idea that I do follow the markets – regarding the secretly soon-to-be released Amero currency. Read more

Gold not shining lately…hmmm

Gold bugs call your office! As gold goes so goes the dollar in the opposite direction? That is what we’ve been seeing lately. Read more

Comment Hodgepodge

Jobs Friday: Let’s get ready to rumble Get ready for the buffer to fill, as Mr. Mandelbrot calls it. Read more

Keeping an Eye on GBP after the BOE

Is it over yet? Has the Bank of England reached a bottom with their rate cuts? Read more

Stocks AND Dollar to Rally in the First Half? Keep Hope Alive

So was it Obama yesterday? Was it his words that sent the US dollar chugging higher? Did stocks rally sharply on Friday in anticipation of Obama? Read more

We’re Bullish on the US Dollar Today … and Tomorrow!

Do you remember what economists used to tell us about the global economy? If not, let me remind you. Read more