Jack the Pipper

Currency Currents

Correction time? A quick look at stocks, bonds, gold, and the dollar…

I know it may sound odd, especially given what we’ve seen lately, but markets do correct. And usually, albeit these times may not be usual, markets correct when most of the players become complacent. Read more

Time for a US $ Correction? USD/JPY short a fav…

Momentum is clearly waning, but has not yet turned down. Read more

Trump Triggers a US Dollar Virtuous Circle?

As you well know, markets have reacted very favorably to the recent election of Donald Trump to be the next US President, despite the continued obsessive sniping among the mainstream press and assorted metrosexuals (defined as hubris-filled big city dwellers). Read more


A gap open on Thursday morning, ending in a doji candlestick. With the long wicks on both sides, this is known as a Rickshaw Man…indicates major indecision. Read more

A New Dollar View And Talking My Book…

Below is a chart with Black Swan’s new wave view [aka best guess] on the future path of the US dollar. Read more

Key Market Strategies

Dollar correction in full bloom and gold bouncing accordingly…shorter term players may consider playing these moves… Read more

Oil: Currencies May Be Telling Us Oil Prices Are About To Fall…

If you look at the near-term price action of the Canadian dollar (CAD) and Norwegian krone (NOK) and assume these two currencies tend to move in tandem with oil prices, it might suggest oil is about to head south, despite the vaunted agreement to control production. Read more

Will The Euro Rally On The Italian Referendum Failure?

Our subscribers in our forex trading service are short EUR/USD. We’ve been sitting on this position since the 26th of September. Read more

Emerging Market Bonds: The Canary in the Coal Mine?

We know there has been a massive stretch for yield among global investors. The emerging market (EM) bonds has benefited from this phenomenon. Read more

Gold Crushed – Bonds Crushed!

We are now short on Friday’s close at 126.84; looking for a trade to 115.20. A move to 133.69 represents key resistance; we have witnessed declining momentum into the recent rally high (divergence), suggesting the five-wave rally to A may be complete. Read more


Given that Janet & Company sounded so “hawkish” when they were sipping wine and eating cheese in Jackson Hole, reporters at the recent Fed press conference asked if waiting till after the election to hike rates might be politically motivated. Read more

Time For Central Bankers To Find A Spine…

After the Bank of Japan (BOJ) did what it did, a boatload of economics Ph.D. descended on the airwaves and internet blogs this morning to share their usual inside baseball stuff in an effort to explain the “bold” move by the Bank of Japan—targeting the yield curve. Read more

Dollar Reserve Currency Confusion – Or Just Snake Oil Salesmen…

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the US dollar reserve currency status. The biggest fallacy is the belief the US $’s reserve status bestows some great benefits on the US economy. Read more

Duration Told Us And Symmetry Is Telling Us Oil Has Bottomed

There are lots of decent rationales to suggest why oil prices have bottomed. Rising prices for Permian Basin drilling properties would be one. Read more

Dollar Retrospective Chart 1971-2016: Next Major Cyclical Driver?

Here’s a retrospective and, hopefully, some perspective on the drivers of the long-term trends in the US dollar index in the era of free-floating after President Nixon closed the gold window on August 15th 1971 and rendering the Brenton Woods system to the dustbin of history. Read more