November 2016 Monthly Archive

Trade Update: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

I had my doubts about an OPEC deal but I decided to stick to my guns in keeping this long CAD/JPY position open. Now it’s time for me to lock in some gains and consider pressing my advantage. Read more

Trade Update: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

So far so good on my CAD/JPY trade, but it looks like doubts about an OPEC output deal are starting to creep in. Think I should keep this open or close early? Read more

Weekly Watch: Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2016

It’s all about the trends on EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, and EUR/GBP as this week might offer a chance to go with the flow on short-term pullbacks. Take a look! Read more

Trade Update: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

Looks like CAD/JPY ain’t looking back from its climb anytime soon! I’ve decided to hop in on a move higher, following more OPEC updates supporting an output deal. Read more

Forex Watchlist: GBP/AUD Bounce or Break?

My gut tells me that pound pairs could be in for quite a ride today since the U.K. Chancellor will give his Autumn Forecast Statement, and GBP/AUD is at a crossroads before the event. Read more

Trade Idea: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

Thanks to stronger expectations for an OPEC output deal this month, the oil-related Loonie has been steadily climbing and I’m seeing this potential CAD/JPY downntrend reversal. Read more

Weekly Watch: Nov. 21-25, 2016

The yen struggled to keep up with the European currencies but political risks are still weighing the euro down. Here’s what I’m seeing on EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, and EUR/GBP. Read more

Trade Review: AUD/JPY Post-Election Downtrend

Bah, it looks like volatility got the better of me on this one! Gonna chalk this AUD/JPY post-election trade as a costly lesson on patience. Read more

Forex Watchlist: GBP/CHF Neat Pullback Setup

I didn’t get the short-term pullback I was waiting for on GBP/CHF so I’m zooming out to watch this longer-term correction instead. Check it out! Read more

Forex Watchlist: EUR/CAD Major Support

Higher crude oil prices may have lifted the Loonie earlier this week but I’m having doubts that the OPEC can reach an actual agreement. Here’s why I’m looking to buy EUR/CAD. Read more

Weekly Watch: Nov. 14-18, 2016

Pound strength was the name of the game last week, but will it carry on in the next few days? Take a look at these GBP trend setups I’m watching! Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/CHF Resistance Turned Support

Sterling has been one of the strongest performers these days so I’m looking to catch the bullish run with this simple pullback setup on GBP/CHF. Take a look! Read more

Trade Idea: AUD/JPY Post-Election Downtrend

Aha! I spy with my one good eye this neat long-term downtrend on AUD/JPY and strong bearish confirmation from the U.S. election results. Check out my short play! Read more

Weekly Watch: Nov. 7-11, 2016

Risk appetite seems to be in play at the beginning of this week and the pound is getting an extra boost from last week’s British High Court ruling. Here’s what I’m watching on EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, and GBP/JPY. Read more

Trade Canceled: Quick Pullback on GBP/NZD

Well, that quick pullback idea of mine quickly fizzled! As it turns out, the Brexit high court ruling might be a gamechanger for the pound so I decided against taking this GBP/NZD short trade.

Read more

Trade Idea: Quick Pullback on GBP/NZD

With the BOE gearing up to announce its policy decision, pound pairs could see a pickup in volatility before heading further south. What do you think of this short-term correction on GBP/NZD? Read more

Trade Review: EUR/NZD Long-Term Floor

Decided to take my profits and run after New Zealand’s reports all came in the green! Here’s how my long EUR/NZD position turned out. Read more