September 2016 Monthly Archive

Forex Watchlist: EUR/AUD Channel Breakdown

I’ve been looking for a chance to buy the Aussie these days, and the euro could prove to be a viable counter currency with all this Deutsche Bank trouble going on. What do you think of this EUR/AUD play? Read more

Trade Idea: GBP/CHF Triangle Bounce

I spotted this neat descending triangle support test on the 4-hour chart of GBP/CHF, and market sentiment seems to be lining up for a bounce. What do you think? Read more

Trade Review: NZD/CAD Long-Term Range Breakout

Since the RBNZ hinted that it’s willing to lower rates further, I’m gonna jump out of this long Kiwi position before it starts tumbling.

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Weekly Watch: Sept. 26-30, 2016

I’m still keeping my eye locked on EUR/JPY’s triangle break-and-retest setup but GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP could be in for a lot of exciting moves as well. Take a look! Read more

Trade Watchlist: EUR/JPY Break and Retest

Could this be my chance to short the euro on a pullback? EUR/JPY just made a break below that symmetrical triangle I had been watching but seems to be making a retest.

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Trade Update: NZD/CAD Long-Term Range Breakout

The Kiwi has been putting up a strong fight against its forex rivals, causing my second buy order to get triggered. Here’s how it’s looking so far. Read more

Trade Review: EUR/AUD Triangle Support

My adjusted stop loss got hit on a pullback with this pair, but I’m still open to the idea of reentering this trade if fundamentals support it. What do you think? Read more

Weekly Watch: Sept. 19-23, 2016

I’m keeping my one good eye on the lookout for potential breakouts on the yen pairs this week since we’ve got the BOJ policy statement comin’ right up! Read more

Trade Update: EUR/AUD Triangle Support

Once again, patience paid off for me on this trade as I held tight and waited for fundamentals to eventually push EUR/AUD past the 1.4900 mark.

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Trade Review: EUR/GBP Channel Retracement

A little bit of patience does pay off as this allowed me to exit my EUR/GBP short with a tiny win ahead of this week’s U.K. event risks. Here’s why I decided to jump ship. Read more

Weekly Watch: Sept. 12-16, 2016

Another batch of top-tier events from the U.K. could mean breakouts for the pound pairs this week so make sure you look at these potential plays on EUR/GBP and GBP/JPY. Read more

Trade Updates: Short EUR/GBP and Long EUR/AUD

Looks like euro bulls are out to play now that the ECB refrained from adding stimulus! What adjustments should I make with these euro positions? Read more

Trade Updates: Long NZD/CAD and EUR/AUD

Now that the BOC had its say and the ECB is about to take the stage, I’ve got these adjustments on my NZD/CAD and EUR/AUD trades. What do you think? Read more

Trade Idea: NZD/CAD Long-Term Range Breakout

It looks like NZD/CAD is trying to break free from its long-term range and fundamentals do support further Kiwi gains. What do you think of this swing setup? Read more

Trade Update: EUR/GBP Channel Retracement

Well, that was a pretty shallow pullback! EUR/GBP didn’t reach my second entry order as sellers are too excited to push this pair down so I’m gonna make some adjustments. Read more

Weekly Watch: Sept. 5-9, 2016

We’ve got central bank events lined up from the euro zone and the U.K. so EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, and EUR/GBP could be in for an action-packed week! Here’s what I’m looking at. Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/GBP Channel Retracement

With more and more signs that the U.K. economy ain’t doing so bad after the Brexit vote, I’m looking to buy the pound with this EUR/GBP pullback setup. Read more